About Digital Noor


I’m Noor Hassan, a Digital Marketer and your Business Coach. I help people to grow their business online. Marketing is a very important part which plays a vital role in the journey of any business from approaching customers to converting them to a successful sale but marketing still does not die it continues till your business is alive.

Marketing is all about reading customer’s mind, understanding them, helping them with the appropriate solution.

It is a psychological and emotional game between producer and consumer. A psychological game where you as a producer need to understand the exact requirement of consumers and have to provide them solution so that they are going to see you as an expert.

It requires a lot of tactics to make them feel that you are the correct person to help them out. Definitely these skills need to be learnt first and then start implementing them gradually. I’m the middle man between you and those skills that you need to learn from scratch.

I started my digital marketing journey in 2016 and there was no one to guide me which took me almost 4 years to learn the basics of digital marketing and I’m still learning this. I have now started a project to help you the best things which I have learnt so far so that you don’t have to struggle much to learn those things. I feel I can help you out with my skill and knowledge.

I have made a lot of mistakes in my past and of course mistakes teach us better lessons. I’m very excited to share those tactics which you really need to learn to become a successful business person.

I have noticed very few businessmen are following the proper business techniques. A poor business plan will never give you a higher successful result. You need to apply a proper marketing strategy. I will share each and every thing step by step and that is really going to improve your business gradually.

Last but not the least, I’m a man and I make mistakes then learn from it and rectify them so if you ever find anything wrong please feel free to reach out to me. I really appreciate that.

Thanks for reading this. Wish you all the best for your successful journey, let’s play the psychological game. See you inside.