A successful Sales Funnel can help you in growing your business and simultaneously it helps your customer to make decisions. 

First let’s understand about the sales funnel and then we will talk more in depth about Website vs Sales Funnel, need and benefits of a sales funnel to grow your business.


What is Sales Funnel?

Sales Funnel is a framework or tool by which you guide your customer at a best level without confusing them and make them make decisions.

It is a complete marketing strategy where you trap your customers to take decisions so that they can buy your product or service at the end.

It is an automation of sales where you plan everything before and keep them into a framework then your dream customers are targeted automatically.

You don’t have to go and sell to individual customers. By funnel you identify your target customers and serve them for their needs, the entire process is automated.

Why you need a sales funnel for your business?

The traditional tactic of doing business is now not going to give you a good conversion.

You might have seen the old pattern of a business is just having a salesperson and waiting for customers to come and buy the product but this strategy is not working well today.

We have seen similar things in a website where we have a lot of options to purchase and also a lot of distractions.

And it ends up the customers either buy the product or leave without buying even if the customer buys the product then further people do not do follow ups to resell or upsell the products.

You use funnel to provide the value from the product to hook the customer’s interest first.

Once the customer gets attracted then you generate the lead and then start marketing from backend to sell your final product.

To build a successful funnel for your business you need to understand your customer first, like who they are? Where are they congregating? What offer are you going to give to attract them? What are the different baits you are giving to hook your customer’s interest? What value are you going to provide them?

You can use a website for Sales funnel but you need to know the difference between a website and sales funnel. Both are different in their strategies.

Website vs Sales Funnel

The traditional tactic of doing business is now not going to give you a good conversion. 

Having just a website is similar to having a sales person standing outside of your store with brochures, waiting for customers to come and collect it. 

If a customer likes the brochure then they will come inside the store for a purchase.

There are two negative points I can see: the first, you can not wait for your customer to come and collect it and another, the brochure is only going to confuse the customers with too many options.

A website was earlier developed to make something that looked pretty and to make business owners feel good. There was no such business strategy involved.

If a website just looks great it does not mean it is going to give you the revenue.

To generate revenue, you need to focus on funnel not just simple decorated websites and use landing pages in your funnel. 

Landing page is also a website but website and landing page have different technical names. 

Landing page is designed to focus on one call to action.

Most of the websites have a lot of call to action buttons and many menus which land to other pages.

If you give them too many options then they get confused and a confused mind always says no.

Websites can make your business grow if you use it in your funnel. 

The best way to use a website is to design the website in such a way that your customer gets only one call to action direction instead of having multiple calls to action.

Don’t show them the menus which your customers do not have to do anything with like, about us, contact us, gallery, or any other products page links.

Show them the relevant things which can attract them like, customer’s testimonial/product review, buy now button at multiple places for a single product or earning proof if applicable and etc.

 Use copywriting techniques in your website/ funnel to attract your audience.

Instead of selling multiple products at a time which generally a normal website does, create funnels for each product and sell them one by one.

Your main focus is to give them a direction where they want to go. You don’t ask your customer to buy in the first interaction.

You give them something for free to collect the lead then nurture them through your content and at the end you upsell your products or services from the backend.

 The entire backend process is a journey for the customer which you create for them.

 The entire backend process is a journey for the customer which you create for them.

Customer Journey in Sales Funnel:

 If you want to close the sale successfully then you should not try to sell everything in the beginning. 

You should sketch a journey where your customer will be walking through.


Suppose if you want to learn digital marketing for your business and someone comes to you and says give me $1000 he will teach you digital marketing would you like to take coaching class from the person whom you don’t know?

I believe your answer is no, because the person offering you the product is not known to you.

He/she has not provided you the value yet that you can believe in him or her.

So, you need to design the road for their journey where you take multiple actions to convert them into a sale.

There are several stages of a customer’s journey in your funnel that you need to know.

Lead Generation Process: Here you collect the details of your customer in exchange of giving something for free like e-book, demo class, free site visit, free courses etc.

If you are selling a high-ticket product then there will be a requirement of the lead generation process because no one is going to pay you in the first interaction.

Rest of the work either your sales team going to do or the value you have provided in his first step of journey, is going to attract for the next time.

Order/Upsells: Few of them will come to you and take your product.

Remember they are your customer whom you are going to upsell your next product/desired product.

You remarket them and offer your final product at the end.

Your Dream Customer: They are the dream customers who are going to buy your high-ticket product.

You can see how we have gone through a journey to close the high-ticket sale.

Do you believe if someone would have offered for the high-ticket product in the beginning then they would have purchased it? Answer is No.

Benefits of Sales Funnel:

Having just a website will not be going to gear up your sale. You need a proper strategy to convert them into sales.

The first by having a proper funnel you don’t confuse your customer.

They won’t get varieties of options because you know what you are going to sell and you focus on the particular thing.

As your customers don’t get confused then you have high chances for upselling your dream product.

With a funnel you give them a value and they feel comfortable to reach out to you.

You develop a relationship which helps you in building future business. Think how many customers people lose when they don’t design the funnel.

Show them ads in google, Instagram, Facebook. Remarket them through email and there are high chances they will definitely pick your product.

When you show them an ad again and again using social media or email then you build a psychological impact on them.

People may not purchase your product for the first time when they see your ad but there is a chance they can purchase it when they see it again next time.

Finally, I would recommend you to read Dotcom Secrets by Russell Brunson, a free book with minimum shipping cost. 

This will take you through in more depth. This is a very powerful book and I’m sure it will boost your business.

Do comment and let me know if you have any issue, I will reply to your comment and try to help from my end.

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