Marketing is a physiological and emotional game between you and your customer. Marketing is everything that converts a customer or lead into a sale. It is a proper planning starting from very beginning to end. Without a proper marketing a business cannot result a successful sale. Marketing is a strategy to increase demand or sale of your product. It is the fundamental element to run a successful business. There are a lot of strategies behind it that you need to learn and apply accordingly. It gives you the traffic, a traffic that converts into sale. I will be sharing some basic points which you must know if you are a beginner.

Why do you want to do marketing?

You need to do marketing for your business and there are various reasons for this. The first reason is Marketing helps to grow your business. As I have told you that It’s a psychological and emotional game between you and your customer so you need to give an impact on customer’s life. We will see this in detail how marketing can impact on your business. 1. Brand awareness: It is required in every business and without this you can’t aware the people about you. Todays Branding is the first thing people look around. Branding does the half of your sale. Imagine If you have good product or service but you are not able to reach out to your audience then will you be able to sale your product or service? No. Brand awareness helps you to reach out to your people. 2. Evaluates your product: You need people to understand about your products/service. You have to specify why people should buy this. I understand you may have a great product or service but you have to come out with the reason to purchase it right. This is a marketing strategy. People then start thinking about your product/service. A kind of requirement you are creating for people. They understand why this is required. 3. Increases curiosity: You may have seen there are exciting offers which are given to customer. This is also a marketing strategy. At this point of time you understand who needs your products or services, you just need to give a push to customer to buy your service or product. This may be an offer or you specify some feature in such way that people think it has some extra and unique values. I’m not suggesting you for a fake stuff. Always keep distance from fake curiosity it does not survive in long term. 4. Increases urgency: A well planned activity which creates a situation where you make your people to take decision. It can be something like I’m giving this offer for first 10 people or offer ends in 2 hours something like that. It creates the urgency amongst your customers and it’s a marketing tactic to make your customer to take action You can now see how marketing moving ahead with the proper planning that finally going to convert your cold audience into sale. Again, it should not be fake. Make sure when you create an offer as urgency then you stick to this. 5. Builds trust: Marketing is all about building trust in your customer. All the marketing tactics are applied in building a trust. You need to make people believing in your product or service. Once you are done with this then people start seeing you an expert. Then your advice will matter for them, you can sell them what you want. Trust and branding are the such keys which open the door of sell. Trust is not built in one day, you need to plan and follow the marketing strategies step by step. 6. Creates demand: It creates demand for your product/service. You have to play a psychological and emotional game with your customer. Demand always leads towards the sell. If people start trusting on you then there will be demand and people will share with others. It will increase the engagement and you will be benefited out of it. 7. Generates sales: Finally, you did everything to get a sale. But let me tell you one thing sale never comes alone there are many things you have to do in the backend. Like which we have already discussed above you need a proper planning for your sale that converts at the end. 8. Builds future relationship between producer and consumer (Remarketing): Game is not over here. You can get almost 50% sell from remarketing. You can remarket to people who have visited your website, people who have watched your video, people who have singed off for your email and there are a lot of remarketing ways available. Using an AdWords remarketing campaign the company was able to increase their conversation rate by 161%. Only 3% of E-Commerce visitors are likely to buy from E-Commerce website and 97% of visitors are targeted through remarketing ads. In a study only 11% of people have reported negative feeling about remarketing ads but majority of people are converted into sale from remarketing ads. It is highly recommended to remarket to your people.

What are the differences between marketing and selling?


Don’t be confused on the terms sales and marketing both are not equal. You need to understand first what are the main differences between them.

  • Sales is something when you give your product to your customer in exchange of money or something. But Marketing is a complete strategy where you plan for a successful sale.
  • Sale is the last step of your target but Marketing is the entire steps that you follow to get a sale.
  • When you sale something then sale is over but marketing is still alive even after sale and that is basically called remarketing.
  • Marketing is a subject where sales is the chapter of this subject.


  • Skill yourself before you go for anything
  • Sale your skills not your product
  • Be honest and genuine
  • keep away yourself from fake marketing strategies
  • Don’t create fake curiosity or fake urgency
  • Always provide value to your customer
  • Don’t run for money, help people with your product or service money will automatically come

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